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Oak Leaf #116         Careless Endangerment        

Careless Endangerment (By Bill NeSmith)

We must not forget, on March 23, 2013, U.S. Senate Resolution 139 was presented for a vote.  Forty-Six Senators voted against it, even though the main purpose of this Resolution was clearly stated as follows: To uphold Second Amendment rights and prevent the United States from entering into the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty.   his Resolution was sponsored by Sen. Inhofe, James M. [R-OK] to counter the U.N. Small Arms Treaty. In its original form it would have effectively placed a global ban on the import and export of small firearms. The ban would have affected all private gun owners in the U.S. and

Oak Leaf #115         The Nuttle Report: The Reality of a Rigged System        

The Nuttle Report: The Reality of a Rigged System (By Marc Nuttle)

In the political debate today called Presidential politics, dialogue is often referenced to a broken, privileged, or rigged system. Is it? Yes…but not by the forces or for the reasons that activists may think. It is the product of societal, cultural, and economic evolution.

The discourse and acrimony in political divisions today is not the result of acerbic rhetoric rendered by the candidates. It is the anger and disillusionment of citizens that prosperity is beyond their reach because of a rigged system. And further that an elected elite is either indifferent or participatory in the fix, or both.

Oak Leaf #114         The Nuttle Report: An Abandon Vision        

The Nuttle Report: An Abandon Vision (By Marc Nuttle)
  -  The candidacy of Donald Trump continues to defy conventional wisdom. That is if you define conventional wisdom through the eyes of the establishment. The nation’s elites are in mental atrophy over the continued momentum of the Trump Presidential campaign effort. The elites are still in denial that their lack of vision to course correct the nation is the problem. Those in power offer no vision to reassure citizens that there is a plan to protect them, to employ them, and to ensure their future freedom. This country was founded on the vision of self-evident truths to be facilitated by the government for the people.

Oak Leaf #113         The Nuttle Report: Third Party Healing        

The Nuttle Report: Third Party Healing (By Marc Nuttle)
  -  Today, Republicans and Democrats hold primaries for the nomination of President of the United States in Florida, Ohio, Illinois, North Carolina, and Missouri. It is possible that Hillary Rodham Clinton will secure her party’s nomination at the end of today’s voting. However, it is very unlikely that the Republican Party will accomplish the same. Even if Donald Trump sweeps all states, he still will need over 50% of the remaining delegates to be selected as the GOP nominee. What is just as likely is that Governor John Kasich will win his home state of Ohio. If this occurs, Donald Trump will need 63% of the remaining delegates to secure the nomination. Either result could take the GOP down the valley to a brokered convention. The current debate among activists of different persuasions is whether it is time for a third party. The answer may be yes, but not for the reasons of conventional wisdom.

Oak Leaf #112         Losing the War at the Local Level        

Losing the War at the Local Level (By John Guandolo)
  -  The war in which we are engaged, and not engaged, against the jihadis here in the United States is a very different kind of war than most Americans are accustomed. In this war, battles are lost at local town councils, in the media and school classrooms, and sometimes, in state legislatures.

Oak Leaf #111         Leadership Without a Compass        

The Nuttle Report: Leadership Without a Compass (By Marc Nuttle)
  - Last night the American electorate once again said emphatically—“I do not trust the establishment and I refuse to accept business as usual.” The most important statistic collected from last night’s election was the fact that 69% of the GOP voters said they believed their elected officials had abandoned them. And 62% of the same citizens said they are very worried about their future. In the Democratic primary, the answer was the same in Michigan, with a little less emphasis. What’s important about these two statistics is that one can feel abandoned, but safe institutionally. One can think the ship of state is sound and not floundering. In this current case, not only are people unsure about the stability of the ship, but they are unsure of its course or destination. They fear their future is in peril.

Oak Leaf #110         The Result of Insurgency        

The Nuttle Report: The Result of Insurgency (By Marc Nuttle)
  - For the first time in my career, I decided to travel abroad to watch the Super Tuesday elections. I primarily did this to get a feel for how our allies and partners view this election. I started in Canada last week and am currently issuing this report from Israel. I am attending a retreat at Migdal on the Sea of Galilee. I am here with a group of Americans from different parts of the country. Being here with them gives an added perspective on the elections. We are here exploring and analyzing secular and spiritual solutions to problems facing America.

Oak Leaf #109         Islamic Law of Slander and the Continued Destruction of Free Speech        

Islamic Law of Slander and the Continued Destruction of Free Speech (By John Guandolo)
  - Western leaders' continued assault on free speech is reaching new lows. Recently, free speech has been met with arrests in Europe, and in America, calls for an end to “anti-Muslim bigotry.”

Oak Leaf #108         Changing the Societal Order        

The Nuttle Report: Changing the Societal Order (By Marc Nuttle)
  - In 1793, following the French Revolution, the citizens of Paris worshipped the Goddess of Reason. They established a graven image in the form of a lady of liberty. These citizens had recently overthrown the establishment government of King Louis XVI. They sought, in their struggle to design a new order, confirmation of their superior intellect. They relied upon the ultimate pride that within their collective intelligence existed the wisdom to determine principles for which all generations would be bound. In other words, man’s intellect would set the foundations for the future.

Oak Leaf #107         Behind the Curtain of Political Decisions        

The Nuttle Report: Behind the Curtain of Political Decisions (By Marc Nuttle)
  - The voting has begun in the first open primary state of New Hampshire. Traditionally, the voting begins in Dixville Notch right after midnight at 12:01 a.m. on the day of the election. Governor Kasich carried the township 3 votes to 2 votes over Donald Trump. This early vote has been successful in predicting the ultimate primary winner in every election since 1968. What’s going on behind the curtain?

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