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Oak Leaf #146         A Political Football – McCarran-Walter Act – U.S. Code        

A Political Football – McCarran-Walter Act – U.S. Code
(by Bill NeSmith) 

In Washington, nothing is really sacred anymore—not a person’s reputation, their character, truth or fiction—only political expediency. In today’s America, truth is stranger than fiction and much harder to find than a needle in a haystack as the media is no longer the source for factual information and the internet has never been a foolproof resource for making one truly wise in a manner equal to the Bible, the Judea-Christian Scriptures themselves. Snopes and other sites have lost credibility (if they ever had any) 

Oak Leaf #145         Sharia – Muslims Cannot “Show the Way to Police” Against Other Muslims        

Sharia – Muslims Cannot “Show the Way to Police” Against Other Muslims 
(by John Guandolo) 

Why haven’t Muslims in America and Europe come out of the woodwork by the thousands to provide the identities of jihadists at their mosques, Islamic schools, and neighborhoods to law enforcement?” 

The reason is the same as it always is: it is a violation of Sharia (Islamic Law)—the guiding doctrine that drives Islam and the Muslims who submit to it.

Oak Leaf #144         Your War Is Here        

Your War is Here 
(by Tom Barrett) 

During the GOP Convention, Navy Seal hero Marcus Luttrell abandoned his prepared speech and got real with the audience. He said, “To the next generation, your war is here; you don't have to find it.” 

Those are powerful words. For decades our troops have been fighting terrorism abroad. There is no doubt that America would prefer to take the fight to them, to root them out of their caves and rat holes, and to let the professional soldiers do the hard work of protecting us. But due to the weakness of our politicians, our military has not been allowed to do their jobs, and the terrorists have brought the war to us.

Oak Leaf #143         My Commentary on the Khan–DNC–Trump Controversy        

My Commentary on the Khan–DNC–Trump Controversy 
(by Nicholas Papanicolaou) 

Trump has caught a lot of heat after his criticism of Mr. and Mrs. Khan.

Is he right?
Are the facts being presented fairly?

Let us begin by the waving of a pocket-sized copy of the Constitution at the DNC by Mr. Khan. Great performance.

But does Mr. Khan really believe in the U.S. Constitution?

Oak Leaf #142         The #1 Lie - We Must Use Muslims to Lead the Fight Against ISIS        

Information Warfare: The #1 Lie—We Must Use Muslims to Lead the Fight Against ISIS  (by John Guandolo) 

In the “War on Terror”—or whatever it is being called this week—America’s leaders tell us the key to stopping ISIS or “radical Islamic terrorism” is to use the Muslim community here in the U.S. and Arab leaders abroad. This is dangerous, foolish, and will continue to lead us down the path of defeat.  This is the #1 lie we are being told by our leaders and reveals how ignorant and clueless they are about our Islamic foe.  This is also a talking point supplied by the Muslim Brotherhood to our leaders who regurgitate it with willing giddiness. 

Oak Leaf #141         Critics Shoot Holes In Widely Cited Gun Study        

Critics Shoot Holes In Widely Cited Gun Study 
(by Maxim Lott) 

A much-heralded and widely cited study of 171 countries over nearly a half century purports to show more guns mean more mass shootings, but critics say the report uses bad methodology in a way that rigs the results. The study by Adam Lankford, a criminal justice professor at the University of Alabama, was published in the journal Violence and Victims in January and has been cited by media outlets -- including The New Yorker, The Washington Post and Time magazine. But the study, formally published earlier this year after a draft was released in academic circles,

Oak Leaf #140         Christians: The Glue between Black and Blue        

Christians: The Glue between Black and Blue (by Andy Sanders) 

I am Honoring My Men and Women in Blue - On Sunday, July 3, my family pulled into Lumberton, North Carolina to stop off at a Cracker Barrel for breakfast on our way to a ten-day ministry/fun trip further south. While enjoying the fresh coffee and delicious Old Timer Breakfast®, I looked up and noticed three North Carolina state troopers eating their meals as well.

Oak Leaf #139         Blood and Scars        

OL-139 Blood and Scars (by Mike Huckabee) - Joel Belz opined that candidates like me have not had “strong enough biblical and philosophical understanding of issues, big enough leadership skills, a clean enough personal record, and courage enough to take the risks and pay the price of getting out front.” The column summarily dismissed a lifetime of service and asked, “Is this handful of folks the best we can produce?”

Oak Leaf #138         Consequences of an Election        

Consequences of an Election (by Robin Rowan) 

I was sitting in the mess hall at Al-Assad Air Base in Iraq near Mosul with my team from the Inspector General’s office when I saw the election results come in.

The mess hall, called a DFAC for “Dining Facility,” was basically a tent built to serve as a small building. It is fortified to be able to take an incoming rocket, and was the largest tent I had ever seen. On this day the DFAC was half full of Marines thankful to be out of the heat for a while. Everything was clean inside, but it’s hard to get the feel of sand off of you.

Folding metal chairs lined rows of long tables with white plastic tablecloths. Small vases were scattered with red, white, and blue decorations on them. I thought to myself, “It’s not a holiday is it?”

Oak Leaf #137         Message To The Never Trump Voters!        

MESSAGE TO THE NEVER TRUMP VOTERS! (by Rick Warzywak, State Co-Director, Michigan Oak Initiative) 

   I believe these are biblically sound insights regarding this volatile election. Let us begin. What has Donald Trump personally done to you to not vote for him? Have you picked up an offense from someone? Why are you so critical of this man? If even the Supreme Court was the only issue to vote for him that should be enough—the future of your children and grandchildren are at stake. He has given us his pro-life constitutional sound nominations!



   Do you consider him your enemy? Do you believe he hates you; has he cursed you; has he spitefully used you; do you have bitterness in your heart towards him? How should one respond if you are a Christian conservative?

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