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Oak Leaf #186         Memorandum No.2 on Islam and America        

Memorandum No.2 on Islam and America by Nicholas F. Papanicolaou

The invitation to the infidel to convert to Islam is called the “Dawa.” If the Dawa is not accepted immediately, then a condition of justified war exists between Islam and those who rejected the Dawa. The prophet Mohammed used the practice of the Dawa before attacking infidel nations and cities.

Oak Leaf #185         Are Mosques Muslim "Churches"?        

Are Mosques Muslim "Churches"? by John Guandolo

"But is the mosque only for prayers? No. The mosque is the center for all Islamic activity as it used to be in the mosques of the Prophet in Medina. In these mosques, not only prayers took place, but it was a school of knowledge where companions used to study the Quran and ask questions. It was a place for the government to receive delegations from foreign countries. It was a treasury from which charity work was done and it was a war-room where decisions and planning for wars imposed on Muslims were made."  

Oak Leaf #184         With Fidel Castro's Death, Don't Be Fooled        

With Fidel Castro's Death, Don't Be Fooled by Larry Tomczak

We welcome everyone to this cemetery today. From the quotations above, we see the importance of a legacy characterized by giving; judged by impact; and supposedly aligned with the ideas of Jesus Christ. This departed leader gave, but did he give wisely? Let's judge his impact by his accomplishments and assess if he truly adhered to what Jesus said.

Oak Leaf #183         A Time of Expectancy        

A Time of Expectancy by Marc Nuttle

Last Sunday was the first Sunday of Advent. Observed by many Western Christian churches, the Advent season is a time of expectancy. Leading up to Christmas, Advent is a celebration of the birth of Jesus. Christian faith centers on the expectancy of the return of Christ. Upon the Savior’s return, Christian theology teaches that peace will reign on earth. Wars, pestilence, and poverty will be no more. Advent is a liturgical tradition wherein faith is manifested for the hope of the future.

Oak Leaf #182         Restoration of America: Theology of Nations, Part 2        

Restoration of America: Theology of Nations, Part 2 by Karla Perry

Government is God’s idea. When God called Abraham, He told him “I will make nations of you, and kings will come forth from you” (see Genesis 17:6). God repeated this over Sarah, “I will bless her so that she will be the mother of nations; kings of peoples will come from her” (see Genesis 17:16). Again God declares this over Jacob when He commissions him as Israel, “And God said to him, ‘I am God Almighty; be fruitful and increase in number. A nation and a community of nations will come from you, and kings shall come forth from you’” (see Genesis 35:11).

Oak Leaf #181         Trump's Arrival-Planned Chaos        

Trump's Arrival-Planned Chaos by Andy Sanders

On Wednesday night, the day after the election, I had a dream. It was without a doubt a warning to Christians that once again, it is time to pray and fight within the spirit realms over the election results.

In the dream, I was watching myself sleep. (I never had a dream of a dream before.) I dreamed that protests and, in some cases, riots were spreading to different parts of the country. In my dream, my wife woke me up and said to me,

Oak Leaf #180         A Tale of Two Leaders        

Wars and Rumors of War by David White

At the same time that a remnant in the church is praying and posturing itself for a third great awakening, nations are preparing and positioning themselves for a third world war.  

Jesus confirmed there would be wars on the earth between nations (ethnic groups) and wars in the heavens between kingdoms. Along with every battle in the physical realm, another exists behind the scenes in the spiritual. Though invisible, the spiritual wars are much more real. Until the very end of the age, wars are certain to break out on the earth and believers should not be alarmed but rather prepared when they do.

Oak Leaf #179         A Tale of Two Leaders        

Through the Prism of Principle by Marc Nuttle

Christians in America can ill afford to sit on the sidelines and take a “wait and see” or “what will be, will be” approach to the Presidential election. The stakes have never been higher. The promise of Proverbs 29:2 will be fulfilled one way or the other.. ...

Oak Leaf #178         Through the Prism of Principle        

Through the Prism of Principle by Marc Nuttle

The clouds of the 2016 presidential campaign debacle continue to obfuscate clear vision. Pundits, prognosticators and philosophers from both parties and every political point of view are at their core, disgusted. The new subtitle in the history books for this year’s election cycle will be; ‘flawed characters lead the two major parties in the ultimate battle of who can lower the standard of ethical debate to destroy their opponent’. Those advocating one candidate or another now must admit that the approach of both candidates has been despicable. ...

Oak Leaf #177         A Message to Those Who Oppose Trump        

A Message to Those Who Oppose Trump by Rick Warzywak

I felt a need to make an appeal to those who are considering not voting or voting a third-party candidate. I see this as a fight to preserve a future for my children and grandchildren, and I must take that responsibility seriously. Not voting or voting a third-party candidate is a vote for Hillary Clinton—you cannot wiggle out of this. Franklin Graham stated when he came to Michigan on October 4 to speak from our capitol steps, that there are only two candidates to choose from that could possibly win...

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