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Oak Leaf #106         The Rebellion Election        

The Nuttle Report: The Rebellion Election (By Marc Nuttle)
  - Donald Trump continues to defy conventional wisdom. The latest CNN poll finds that his lead has widened over the rest of the Republican field by 2 to 1. His lead over Ted Cruz is 41%-19%. The media, political analysts, and elected officials continue to predict, somewhat only in hope, that Trump will fade. Historians, however, are beginning to see another possibility. This is not about Don Trump. This is about the people. They are angry. They are confused. They feel that the culture they desire is in jeopardy of being lost forever. They are frustrated that the elected officials, in whom they have placed their trust, are not only failing, but are not honestly dealing with their needs.

Oak Leaf #105         Driving The Process        

The Nuttle Report: Driving The Process (By Marc Nuttle)
  - As we enter the countdown to the first Presidential primary in Iowa on February 1, a new level of behind-the-scenes activity is engaging. These activities, largely unknown and unobserved by the public, play a critical role. Not only will they impact who the eventual nominee will be, but also how he or she will govern.

Oak Leaf #104         Illegal Sanctions Relief and New Sanctions, a Turn of Events        

Illegal Sanctions Relief and New Sanctions, a Turn of Events (By Robin Rowan)
  - On Sunday, January 17, as five Americans were released from Iran, President Obama announced new sanctions imposed on Iran because of their testing of ballistic missiles.

Oak Leaf #103         If You Don't Know Abrogation, You Don't Know Sharia        

If You Don't Know Abrogation, You Don't Know Sharia (By John Guandolo)
  - One of the facets of sharia (Islamic Law) that turns the lightbulb on in people's minds more than anything else seems to be the moment they grasp the Koranic concept of abrogation and progressive revelation.

Oak Leaf #102         Iran and North Korea—Dangerous Partners        

Iran and North Korea—Dangerous Partners (By Robin Rowan)
  - On January 6, 2015, we witnessed a convergence of military showmanship by dangerous rogue nations that threaten the world, despite U.N. resolutions or sanctions. North Korea and Iran are long-held partners in nuclear and missile development, and are now displaying it to the world. Will the world or the U.S. react?

Oak Leaf #101         How Does Sharia Define “Jihad”?        

How Does Sharia Define “Jihad”? (By John Guandolo)
  - Since 9/11, Presidents, Members of Congress, the media, and many others have publicly stated that individuals who commit acts of violence in the name of Islam are acting as “criminals” or “thugs,” but certainly are not doing what Islam teaches because “no religion would teach that.”

Oak Leaf #100         "Is Sharia the Answer for Women Assaulted in Cologne, Germany?"        

UTT 1 Minute Video Asks: "Is Sharia the Answer for Women Assaulted in Cologne, Germany?" (Video posted by UTT)
  - Sharia Law states that women are responsible if they are sexually assaulted by men. According to sharia, it is a woman's duty to present herself in a manner that does not energize a man's lust.

Oak Leaf #99         Is CONFUSION Slowing You Down?        

Is CONFUSION Slowing You Down? (By Jim Buchan)
  - Carolina Panthers coach Ron Rivera said something profound in a radio interview this week: “You’ll never play fast if you’re confused.” His point was that each player needs to know his assignment… his place… his role… on any given play. Confusion causes hesitation, and hesitation in a fast game like football will likely spell defeat.

Oak Leaf #98         What Is Sharia?        

WHAT IS SHARIA? (By John Guandolo)
  - Earlier this week, UTT published the first in a series of articles about sharia (Islamic law) entitled “Understanding the Threat” which amplified the fact that sharia is the focal point and driving force behind everything jihadis across the globe are doing.

Oak Leaf #97         Moment of Reality Revisited        

Moment of Reality Revisited (By Marc Nuttle)
  - Over the holidays of 2007, I penned a book entitled Moment of Truth. In that book, I predicted that if we did not course correct the basic philosophy and direction of our country, then we would start to slip into more government regulation, a managed economy, and socialized medicine that would leave the country desperate for new leadership.”

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