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Oak Leaf #196         Trump and the Haman Syndrome: A Prophetic Allegory        

Trump and the Haman Syndrome: A Prophetic Allegory by Bart Peacher

If you listen to America’s mainstream media and left-leaning political leadership these days, it would appear that President Donald Trump is heading for a political hanging. The pollsters noted that they “got it wrong” in the pre-election when the polls showed that there was no way he could win. What if they actually got it right, but God intervened and spoiled their accurate assessment? 

Oak Leaf #195         Is This the Answer to Preventing World War 3?        

Is This the Answer to Preventing World War 3? by Larry Tomczak

USA Today ran this front-page headline recently: "World War 3: Americans are Thinking About the Unthinkable." Data from Google searches shows incredible spikes for—you guessed it—"World War 3." And the Doomsday clock is now as close as it's ever been to midnight.

Oak Leaf #194         This Matthew 24 Deception Continues to Ransack Our Youth        

This Matthew 24 Deception Continues to Ransack Our Youth by Larry Tomczak

For the past decade, I have been addressing LGBTQ issues along with my longtime friend, Dr. Michael Brown. For my part, I did a video, "10 Things Everyone Needs to Know About Being Gay" and wrote two books entitled Here's the Deal and Bullseye. Our passion is to see people transformed by the Gospel as the lovely lady cited in this article was.

Oak Leaf #193         The Three Trumpets Under Trump        

The Three Trumpets under Trump by Andy Sanders

Since the inauguration, the Lord spoke to me on three different occasions about three specific trumpets that will sound under President Trump’s time in office. In many respects, I am already watching and hearing reports of these trumpets manifesting. 

Oak Leaf #192         Restoration of America: Preparing to Occupy the Land        

Restoration of America – Preparing to Occupy the Land    by Karla Perry

In the first five books of the Bible, we read the history of God taking an enslaved people and making them into a great nation. A nation is more than a people group: it is a people living in their own land with their own language, government, and law. A great nation is a people who do this within the biblical context of what it means to be a nation that blesses other nations. 

Oak Leaf #191         Biblical Solution to the Angry, Anti-Trump Resistance        

The Biblical Solution to the Angry, Anti-Trump Resistance by Larry Tomczak

There is a masterpiece of a movie in theaters now. It's nominated for multiple Oscars including Best Picture—it has no nudity, sensuality, or violence (although it does include some profanity). It is a PG-rated true story and even features people unashamedly praying in the name of Jesus and declaring, “Thank You, Jesus!”

Oak Leaf #190         Mike Pence Makes History in Pro-Life Movement        

Mike Pence Makes History in Pro-Life Movement  by Dr. Tom Barrett

In 1973, the U.S. Supreme Court made history by creating law, a function reserved by the Constitution only for Congress. The Supremes said it was legal to murder unborn infants in the womb. The next year the first national March for Life took place in Washington, DC, with marchers strongly championing the rights of unborn Americans to one of the three vital unalienable rights (God-given rights that cannot be taken away) in the Declaration of Independence: Life. They have marched in every one of the 44 years since then.

Oak Leaf #189         10 Landmines Obama has Left for Trump        

10 Landmines Obama has Left for Trump by Dr. Thomas Barrett

What would you think if you found that Obama had laid landmines under the White House lawn in places where he knew the President-Elect would walk? Well he has done just that, both politically and in terms of foreign relations. He plans to sit back in his new Washington, DC mansion and laugh maniacally as these landmines explode. 

Oak Leaf #188         Trump's Thorn in The Flesh (Will be Obama)        

Trump's Thorn in The Flesh (Will be Obama) by Mark Gurley

A few days before the New Year after awakening from a dream, the Lord began to speak to me about Barrack Obama becoming a thorn in the flesh to Donald Trump. The revelation that I was receiving was that Obama would not leave quietly but rather hang around to poke at the new President, Donald Trump. Past Presidents for the most part have not criticized the incoming President, but the 45th President of the United States will not have that luxury. 

Oak Leaf #187         Hope in 2017: The Future Ain't What it Used to Be        

Hope in 2017: The Future Ain't What it Used to Be by Marc Nuttle

Yogi Berra was a celebrated Yankees baseball player. He entertained America not only with his great play on the field, but also with his play on words. He was a Will Rogers philosopher who could use a phrase to sum up an obvious and sometimes complicated set of facts. One of his most notable quotes is, “It ain’t over ‘til it’s over.” Coaches have used that phrase for decades to inspire young athletes to keep trying and not give up. Such phrases achieved colloquialism, illustrated simple truths, and became known as Yogi-isms. 

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