Tragedy in Charlotte (By Robin Rowan)  -  An accidental shooting has taken the life of a great man of God in Charlotte, North Carolina.
Denial of the Elites (By Marc Nuttle)  - In 1789, the people of France were desperate for leadership from their government to solve critical issues for a stable society.
The Quiet Revolution:  How the New Left Took Over the Democratic Party   (By Scott S. Powell)  -  Frustration with division and gridlock in Washington lead many Americans to...
Top U.S. General Says There WERE Nukes in Iraq (By Dr. Tom Barrett)  -  I have always believed there were nuclear weapons in Iraq, and there has been considerable evidence to support that...
The Triple Threat (by Marc Nuttle)  -  In sports, a triple threat is an exceptional athlete who has superior skills in three disciplines that produces offense and/or defense to win games.
This August Matters (by Robin Rowan)  -  In the sixth and seventh months of 2015, America has experienced a convergence of issues that have gotten the attention of the church.



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The Oak Initiative is a grassroots movement to Unite, Mobilize, Equip, and Activate Christians to be the salt and light they are called to be by engaging in the great issues of our time from a sound biblical worldview.

     Started by more than 300 Christian leaders from across the spectrum of the body of Christ, within months of its founding, The Oak Initiative had a presence in all 50...Read More

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